Technology Solutiions

At Medaptic we are keenly focused on current and emerging trends and technologies and our quest for novel and new solutions to client needs does not end. Choice of right technology is a critical issue in a project implementation because it will not only influence your project development time and cost, but also will determine how your application will stand the test of time and will be approved and appreciated by your clients. We at Medaptic are always attentive to all your essentials and wishes, including technological orientations, because we believe that only close cooperation with our customers all the way in project development can bring a visible and effective outcome.

Application Development

Our innovative and dynamic software teams develop proprietary software solutions giving our valued clients a sustainable competitive advantage. Our experience in major industries draws you the best solutions to meet your most challenging IT requirements.


Medaptic deploys the latest techniques in testing and uses the advanced tools to make the product structured, optimized and easily adaptable. Our experience in various projects made us experts in the quality assurance industry.

HR & Staffing Solutions
Background Check & Verification

As in the present day job market, it is estimated that more than 40% resumes are tweaked and contains false information. We at Medaptic have a specialized team of professionals to serve our clients to filter them and ensure that they are getting in an employee what they were promised. Our backend verification team sets the standards for screening and runs a credit check for the employment purpose.

Permanent Staffing

Our recruiting experience and expert consultative strategies will allow our clients to find the best-fit talent to their company demands. Our sleek approach results in the reduction of cost associated with various processes like recruiting, interviewing and training. We are capable of supporting the companies with voluminous of top talented professional staff.

Contract Staffing

Sometimes our clients need only specific skilled individuals for only a specific period of time to satisfy their temporary business needs. We, at Medaptic, provides them the necessary talent resources with our special recruiting process designed for finding the best skilled man power to our clients. We work closely with these temporary teams to ensure that your business needs are being fulfilled. Our customized approach let our clients get an efficient and focused work force to its needs.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Medaptic helps you find the right talent, your organization needs, by providing the best recruitment solutions which will fit and scalable to your needs. We take a highly standardized approach which ensures you the expertise and innovativeness. Our committed teams will ensure the best dedicated services to your organization.
Our powerful search capabilities, focused approach and flexible business strategies will help build your organization.

Payroll Processing

Generally Processing payroll is a time taking task, which the most companies prefer to outsource. It involves a lot of hectic tasks like timely and accurate salary processing, filing TDS and effective management of all the government statutory requirements. With Medaptic it is possible to process the payroll engagements with high degree of accuracy and precision.

Corporate Training

In today’s technology driven world, there are many and many new advancements being attained in all the fields leading to a need for updating the knowledge of the employees of the company on various latest technologies and innovations. To overcome such knowledge gap, the existing employees of a company need some training to help understand the advancements. Medaptic’s corporate training services provide a comprehensive set of training solutions to help achieve a sustained growth in your business. Our internationally qualified training teams can deliver the best skillset to the companies across the world.